Gift shopping mall

Specificity of the project

  The problem we worked with in this project consisted in occupancy of the entire territory of the center with a variety of advertising. Therefore, the design had to be as simple as possible. We developed a logo, corporate style, navigation, advertising templates and brand book for Darynok.

Simple sign

  We created a simple and clear logo. Its advantage was in its universality. Clients can easily read it from any media, and the customer can easily use it. The logo itself became a medium, as the names of the shopping mall departments can be fitted into it.
  Since the Platform and Darynok have the same owner, we wanted to reflect this connection. This way the letter “P” from the logo of the Platform appeared in the sign. Also, it serves as a visual beacon for the Platform’s visitors and tells them: “Hey, it’s also cool in Darynok!”.

Branding on 68 000 m2

  Darynok is a place where it’s easy to get lost. So, we developed a corresponding navigation for the whole shopping mall. These are dozens of signboards, maps, steles and other various constructions. To ensure that the brand will not get lost among a great number of advertising, we made it laconic and bright.
  In order for design to work efficiently and constantly, we developed a brand book for it. It helps the customer to use the style properly without assistance. For example, the shopping mall is constantly being advertised in the underground, buses, around the mall itself and so on. In connection to this we created advertising templates, which the customer fills himself. Also, he can create new navigation elements in case of necessity.

Brand in figures

The Darynok brand now speaks with a new audience in their language, using simple forms and bright colors. It has become more youth and modern.
According to, in 2016 40% of the visitors of the Platform visited the shopping mall Darynok. Mission Complete 🙂

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