Magical sharm

Corporations and prom.

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Type of work:

Protecting information

   Oberig is an IT Company. Their speciality is protecting information and computer networks of various state-owned enterprises, banks and other commercial organizations.

Magical sharm

   In Ukrainian language the word “Oberig” stands for magical sharm. That’s supposed to protect IT’s owner. The name dates back to ancient slavic culture.
First part is Rushnyk – an embroidered towel and famous ukrainian safety charm. Second part is straightforward – computers joined in a network by Oberig IT. Key visual here is a combination of interconnected dots. The third is a Pavuk – an ancient ukrainian safety charm. His appearance varies from time to time, but diamond shaped structure always remains. That’s how visual identity system was born. In the middle of IT is a dynamic logo. That has 21 different variations. The logo is alive – its animated and flows from one instance to another.

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