Virtual Business Assistant

Retail and goods

   Replyco company produces software that works with sellers on the largest online trading platforms of the world – Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.


   Replyco is a program that serves as a platform for synchronizing seller's communication with customers. Replyco simplifies communication – users do not need to switch to different accounts, which saves sellers’ time, increases the speed of response to customers and raises the ratings of these sellers on online platforms.


   Our task was to demonstrate that Replyco provides simplicity and easiness in communication. In order to develop its visual style, we created a minimalistic design with light, cloudy images.

The speed of reply

   The creation of logo was inspired by the very process of online communication: a bubble with three flashing dots is associated with an answer that is about to be received. Given that the REPLYCO service provides fast and effective communication, the logo has become a metaphor and a continuation of the program’s name.

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