The second life of a textile factory

Culture and non-profit

Art-zavod Platforma project has breathed new life into an abandoned textile factory. Now this is a place for work, development and hangouts of the creative class of the capital. Our task was to develop a navigation system of the Art-zavod, its corporate style and brand book. The peculiarity of the project is that the same places are used for different purposes. For example, Art-zavod is used as a platform for festivals, as a co-working platform, its premises are leased out to creative enterprises and so on. We divided the functions of space into eight categories. Then we drew a logo in the form of a letter “П” for each of them. There is a pattern at the core of each logo, and they all brand different parts of the Art-zavod. The corporate style came out to be profile and functional. The customer can easily adapt it to new conditions of use, which is especially important in the creative area.

Type of work:

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