Jet delivery of coffee

Food and drinks

We were approached by a company that provides free installation, delivery and repairs of coffee machines. The company not only provides a wide range of high-quality coffee, but also cares about the comfort of the customer, who does not need to pay for coffee machine servicing or to spend time buying coffee.

   The logo combines the Latin letter “U” and the image of a cup with hot coffee. In combination with the modern grotesque font we received a laconic and stylish logo.
   The visual style of the company is built on iconography and graphic images of the company’s main advantages: a cup of coffee, a capsule, a coffee machine and a car itself as a means of delivery.

Jet speed

   One of the main advantages of the company is the high speed and manufacturability of its service, which was reflected in its name – jet cup.
   The slogan “Jet delivery of coffee” also speaks about high-speed service, because all a client needs to do is just order a coffee machine on the website.

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