Fun and learning

Art4kids school

Art4kids – is an art school from the team behind Edukids charity and 3rd project for them. At Art4kids school children learn how to draw and paint. Also they are being schooled in art history, taught different skills at dedicated workshops and walked around different virtual galleries of the world.

Fun structure.

   We started with a new wordmark. Art4Kids communicates a lot with its clients in Facebook and Instagram. Thats why studio’s logo need to look good in the smallest size.
Designing for a children’s art studio is so much fun. More than 400 scribbles required for all the visual identity applications.The school is constantly creating posters, branded souvenirs and instagram posts. In this variety of applications a simple wordmark wouldn’t be able to hold the identity together. That’s why designer created colorful scribbled backgrounds system. There are no designers in Art4kids team, so they needed some simple guidelines to use this identity. Every template is split in a simplest 8 column grid. Wordmark, headlinest text and everything else is placed on this grid. That’s how documents get their rigid structure by looking chaotic at the same time.




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